Siân is a Great Lengths hair extension expert. Siân also specialises in wedding hair, special occasion hair and blow drys.

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Sian Hair My work phone has been broken since thursday, if everyone can message me through here or instagram and I will get back to you all as soon as possible. hoping to have it fixed by tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks Sian xx
Sian Hair 💖 will get back to all messages tonight. Thanks for your patience everyone 💖
Sian Hair 2017-08-03T09:55:41+0000
Sian Hair Working all weekend I'll reply to all messages by Monday. Thanks for your patience 🙏🏼😘
Sian Hair 2017-07-27T19:26:35+0000
Sian Hair Working my way through all mails will reply to everyone between tonight and tomorrow thanks for being so patient 😘
Sian Hair I will get back all messages by the end of the day. Thanks for your patience it's been a busy time 🌞
Sian Hair ‼️‼️‼️‼️Hi everyone I must apologise as there has been a problem with my mobile phone recently just been informed again from a client this morning if I have not replied to you can you please re send your text or send me a message on here. Thanks for your patience and I apologise once again. Xxx
Sian Hair All messages will be answered tomorrow. If you have sent me a what's app can you please send it as a text message as I cannot get into what's app. Thanks for your patience as always everyone xx
Sian Hair I am now on holiday I will be back to work on Thursday the 8th June. I have Megan now looking after my diary for all future appointments. Thanks Siân x #holiday #santorini 😎 2017-05-30T06:23:53+0000